The Ultimate Marketing Plan : Target Your Audience! Get Out Your Message! Build Your Brand! by Dan S Kennedy

Get ready to do your plan ?

Marketing is getting the right message to right people via the right media and method. It has to be effectively and profitably. Don’t try to compare cost, but compare return is matter.

Factor 1 : Right Message

Differentiation yourself from your competition in a positive , appealing, compelling way. We have o consider the unique selling preposition, which express the theme of your business, product or service. The USP based on who the product for, and by specialization that i more illusion than reality. USP pathway – people want to believe they are unique and something special formulated. We have to answer ” Why should a client choose your product / service versus every other competitive option available to me ?”

Marketing is to motivate people in action, doing something they would not do purely of their own imitative. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.  Most people wont actually do much of anything to make such an ideal a reality. Business owner who enthusiastic about the value and mission and process of business does best.

Factor 2 : Presentation

Packaged is the most assuring way possible to consider people expectation

Few Keys to consider :

Key 1 : Be well organized

  1. Awareness of need / desire
  2. Pick up the thing to fulfill the need
  3. Pick the source of thing
  4. Accept the source’s price / value
  5. Act now

We have to careful and eliminate all assumptions. How to create alarm ? We must already a message point to consequence. more urgently people focus on the message.

Key #2 : Ignite Interest

The power of secret can be used , for example, add drama to your presentation by

  1. Dramatic first person story
  2. Before / After
  3. Dramatic stores + satisfied customer
  4. Shocking statistic
  5. Dramatic Slogan
  6. Physical demonstration

Key# 3 : Ask for action

Different between a professional an visitor is – asking for order !

Factor 3 : Target

Its very important to pick the right target. Every product, service, business has the potential to appeal much strongly to a certain definable group of people than it appeal to ALL people.

Every business should determine what is best customer. Focus resources, reaching out and for those exact customer

the 3 best way to target market

  1. Geographic targeting – make sure the nature of people work for you and once you find it, work it to death
  2. Demographic targeting – using statistic, behavior things
  3. Market by affinity and association

In every business, there are must buy now buyers ! Who is your must by now and can buy now buyer ?

Factor #4 : Proof

Market message developed with understanding that receipts will be reluctant to believe them. “Be safe or be sorry” , always prove every single item in your case. include pictures to prove your case also.

Factor # 5 : Perception

For customer, perception is reality. Ask your self this questions:

  1. Describe the perception of your business that you want your prospect and your customer to form, have hold and convey ?
  2. Does everything contribute to project that image

Make sure there is perception concurrency

Factor #6 : heat

Don’t take your customer loyalty for granted. You need to get hot again, every single day. The lifeblood of business is “interest”. Life forces is the involvement, a mechanism for customer to involve his friend. Constant change to keep coming up with good answer of “whats new ?”.

Factor #7 : Action

Always something that client can be done -NOW. For example, telephone up sale, telemarketing after direct mail. One good saying ” You cant do business sitting on your ass.” There are 3 types of person in this world

  1. Those who make things happen
  2. Those who watch things happen
  3. Those who wander what happen

Factor #8 : Equality

Income and equality : In every successful business, customer is a perceived, treated as most important asset.

Customer perception equal reality, so feel / sense of being uncared is the same as being uncared for. Always make the client feel important, appreciate and respected

Factor #9 : Customer multiplication

No better new customer than a referral from a happy customer. We can think referral using a EAR formula.

E: Earn – list of 300things to change into practice

A : ASK -display, convey your expectation, often conduct referral promotions and referral event

R: Recognize and reward

Facto #10 : Create short term sales surges

If you do a fire sale, its better be a good reason

Factor #11 : Online marketing media

Until next time

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