Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Grant Cardone

Is obsession a good thing ?

To have what you want in life, you must give yourself permission to throw yourself all in your dreams

The obsessed embrace the fact that they and only they are responsible for their success , as no one has enough bandwidth or financial capacity to help you.

Your potential expand and reveal itself overtime as you discover more of what you capable of.

Those who suggest you should settle for less than your potential are doing so cause they try to make sense to settle for less.

When you commit to obsessed thing, you will be labeled as outlier, freak , weirdo.

Obsession they say is unhealthy. But what about their obsession with comfort, being normal with having no drive and purpose.

Getting hooked on idea of success and actually being obsessed enough to pursue are completely 2 different things.

Embrace the die trying mentality ! This can be no choice choice and no options.

Find obsession that worth your attention as they support your purpose. Purposes is the holy grail of the obsessed.

Remember you don’t need to love your job , just do what you are passionate about to get obsess to be successful

You must redefine who you are and refuel your obsession as condition change and your previous goal achieved.

Daily goal practice : Write down your goal daily, stay obsess , you need to obsessed with setting and hitting goals, feed your future. Write in present tense, assume your mind accept everything as reality.

What you pay attention to is what you get, more attention you give, the more you feed it, the stronger and powerful it growth. Ongoing, moment to moment process to feed the beast and stave the doubt.

The moment you divert your focus from good, you get lost in all the noise in your mind and world. Obsess with learning, always immense yourself in knowledge.

Stave the doubt : I am addicted, obsessed , committed to my future, regardless my past.

The myth of burn out : When you no longer obsess with fulfilling monster purpose but lost in repetitive routine work.

 The myth of time off /vocation : People think time off renew you, but the ultimately renew is getting re-obsessed with your purpose.

Myth of balance life : Don’t try to balance it, try to blow it up.

Obsession isn’t about settling, sacrificing thins, it is about having it all.

Write down the goal, how close you are, who had done it and how many people have done it.

Love me or hate me – at least now you know me. Naysayers are trying to protect themselves from being reminded they have relegated themselves to average life.  If you don’t have haters, you are not obsessed. If you don’t collect haters, you are doing nothing. If you don’t have haters, you are a threat to no one.

Real danger haters and naysayers bring is the possibility of going offtrack. Use the naysayer as guide and hater as fuel.

Dominate your space start with you and spread people around you, then to customer and competition. Dominate yourself by learning to control your thinking, action and choices.

If you know you are weak in certain area, move to dominate the problem, so its not an issue, Our obsession will become reality. If you obsess with many problem, you always have problems.

Make a chart of professional life and personal life, then break down each item, and come up with who i am and why I dominate, next come up with benefits than i could offer.

Anyone who say too much don’t understand the economy of market price, you cant fill up the Ocean by throwing a rock in it.

Comfort is the biggest threat, your effort to find and maintain it, you lose out on making gains towards potential. Being the biggest fish in the smallest pond will kill your ambition. Always play the role of someone who know what he is going and massive successful, even you are not yet.

All the way is the only way to close. Never ever lower a target, that is the definition of failure.

Over promise and over deliver – make BIG claim to succeed. When you told someone you deliver in short period, you are forced to operate at that level.

Think and operate based on a goal of selling your product and generate income, not wait forever for every piece of your product to be prefect.

To be the best, you must surround yourself with the best. Develop a reputation as  a place people want to work. Look, at more resume that seems reasonable and do interview yourself as much as possible. Look for people who want to make money and make a different. Choose the talent and persist till they are yours. Always roll with turnover.

Only people who don’t like control are those who don’t have it or misused it in the past. If you refuse to control, someone else will. Don’t wait for someone to give you control, you just take it. Control the process, control the result.

Obsess with persistence. The difference between success and failure is staying in the game when others give up. Stick and stay, its bound to pay. Become obsessed with persistence as one of your power weapon and asset.

Perfectionism is nothing but a fancy word for not getting started and not persisting. Persist and one day you will be prefect. Persist some more and find what you through prefect was a joke.

Obsession hacks:

  1. Reach up for new friends
  2. Vocation abundance
  3. Mentor up
  4. Shop outside your reach
  5. Invest in education
  6. Physical health
  7. Charitable

Being obsessed require commitment, clarity, confidence, sacrifice, persistence and willingness to be minority.

Until next time

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