Thick Face, Black Heart : The Path to Thriving, Winning & Succeeding by Chin-Ning Chu

Is your face thick enough ?

A successful life is one that live thru understanding and pursue one’s path, not chasing after dream / fulfill the expectation of others. Inward state must be achieved for words and actions to be effective.

A person adapt a thick face create his own positive self image despite criticism of others. In his own eyes, he is prefect. Thick face is ability to adopt whether manner the situation call for without regard for what other people think of you.

Black heart is the ability to take action without regard to how consequence will affect others.

The black heart person above short signed compassion, he focus his attention on his goal and ignore the cost.

There are 3 phases of thick face, black heart

  1. Winning at all cost – Effective action
  2. Self-inquiry : Overwhelmed by his own discovery of multi enemies within himself
  3. The warrior – Dispassion and detachment, Detach oneself from a body, fear mind but cling fearless spirit.

11 Principles of unlearning

  1. Break the constraints of inner image and external standard : We are taught to give, expect nothing to return, but we are conditioned to have expectation.
  2. Search for your own inner conviction : Most of commonly accept standard of behavior are arbitrary and are often flawed individual propagated their own weakness and fear.
  3. Discover the mystery with the oak and grasses without consider the inward motivation, its hard to judge the action, don’t judge for the pronounce but strength if endure the humiliation.
  4. Understand yourself : You need to find courage to do whatever must be done without regard what people think. Detach yourself from your experience, with complete clarity, the proper action
  5. Break the barrier of fear of success and fear of failure. Success means change and risk of failure
  6. Understand the nature of illusion/reality: There is nothing wrong with the world but your view of it. We constantly try to fit the world into our concept of “perfection”.
  7. Master the distinction between virtue and vanity
  8. Over fear   – Usefulness of fear, understand your fear, talk to your fear, befriend your fear / Eyes of fear, fear is less terrifying once you  look into its eyes / Diversity is fear / master detachment -not care the outcome / ignore the fear / In spite of fear, do whatever you need to do / Charge beyond avoidance of pain / pursuit of pleasure. Blind pursuit of pleasure and avoidance cave more sabotage / acquire the courage to believe in yourself / Realize thick face, black heart is nature creation.

Dharma in Indian culture is to act in accordance with one’s duty. Accept life as it comes and perform their duty accordingly. Pursing the “rightness of action”, what is my dharma at this moment ?

Your very station of life is often best place to provide answer to your question. In Life, once you done everything within your power, all remain is acceptance and peace.

Inconsistency is an important element of real world. Success comes in every shape and profile. Your negatives will not stand in the way of success in your pursuit. They are part of you, learn to love them, accept and use them. Whatever your negatives are, contemplate them, Find way you can channel that energy and use it as a springboard. Only fools and saints are totally and absolutely secure about themselves. Your negativity will pay for itself if you let it, If could be the biggest asset in your profession.

We are all programmed to judge success/ winning on how fast we get result. What make one great is knowing how to suffer insufferable and endure and unendurable.

Poverty is a state of mind than an external condition. Prosperity is not about what you willing to do to gain it, its about what you willing to give up in exchange for it. Your mind see no different between potential satisfaction of wealth can bring and satisfaction expected by stay in poverty. The manner we handle in consequential work reflect our state of mind and our performance standard.  Principle of utility , drive by impulse of self preservation. They key to being important is in making yourself useful to others.

It’s essential to acknowledge the existence of brutality and shield you from harm with thick face, while using the spear of black heart to wage the unavoidable battles.

Principles of self preservation :

  1. Guard your interest – when we are too pleasing, agreeable, we might give an invitation to take advantage of us.
  2. Know your value
  3. Vision of discrimination – deciding which force they give or who they attack, dogs and human tend to grovel before they are wealthy and powerful and act viciously towards poor and weak
  4. Hunter is innstinct
  5. Beware of biting dog
  6. Safeguard significant and insightful advantages
  7. Beat Ten men in combat by using your spirit.

Theory of polarity : Not to convince everyone but rather to understand how to have the world polarize for you. You cannot win over everyone. If you can get half of population to support you, even half of that, you can assured of a path to victory.

Killer instinct: How they handle themselves in moment of truth, killing quickly and cleanly. Killer ignore totally whatever your mid is telling you and whatever you feeling, just focus wholeheartedly on your task. You must be cruel only to be kind, we must learn the necessary of restrict and centrel desire to overly expressive on compassion.

7 Stages of unfolding

  1. Desire to do right
  2. Confusion and negativity
  3. Battle of surreder
  4. Acceptance of your imperfect perfection
  5. New possibilities
  6. Inner harmony
  7. Detachment : Power of magnetism

Two wheels of thick face, black heart is knowledge and experience of spirituality and awareness for pratical science of survival.

Problem with modern man, there are no tolerance of discomfort. If you are a true gem, do not waste your energy trying to undersell yourself to common village peddler. You will annoy them and waste your time.

Until next time !

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