The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

What you receive if you attend Tom Brady wedding …

By hooking attention, energy goes from one person to another person. When we capture the attention, we create channel of communication.

We create an image of perfection to please other people ; But we never going to be prefect, and we worry that we can forgive ourselves from not being prefect.

Every relationship we have – is unique because we dream a little dream together. Every relationship become a living being made by 2 dreamers.

Self pity come from disrespect. Loss is base on respect, fear doesn’t respect anything is clouding itself.

There is no way you can be responsible for what is inside others head. You can never know what the other person feel, what the person believe and all the assumption she made.

No one else can make you happy. Happiness is the result of love coming out from you. Love is not about concepts, love is about action. Love in action can only produce happiness, fear in action can only produce suffering.

You cannot change other person. You love them who they are or you don’t at all.

We think we are searching for love, but we are searching for “someone who need me. “

You are never going to be good enough for yourself when the idea of perfection is completely wrong. Its better to be someone WANTS to be with you than to be someone has to be with you.

Your reaction are the key to have a wonderful life. If you can earn to control your reaction, you can change your routine, then you can change your life. You have to stalk your reaction. You have to work with yourself every moment.

There is a big difference between seeing the way people see in the dream and see without judgemental, as it is.

In the mind we create a whole picture of bubble of illusion. The mind think he need food, water, shelter, sex. But mind has no need, no physical need. When the need is in the mind, you cannot satisfy the need.

Human hunt each other for love will not be satisfied. They will never find the love they need in other human. The mind feel the need, but we cannot fulfill it, because it isn’t there, its never there. To hunt inside yourself, you start by hunting every reaction you have.

Truth is like a scalpel because its painful to open our wound and uncover all the lies. Like peeling onion, you uncover the truth little by little until the end, you find out everyone around you, include yourself, is lying all the time.

Remember the 3 rules

  1. Don’t believe the master
  2. Don’t believe yourself
  3. Don’t believe anyone else

Everything is what it is. You don’t need to justify what is true, you don’t need to explain it.What is true doesn’t need anyone support.

Once we open the wound by truth, we use forgiveness to clean the wound of all poison. Whatever does something to us, forget it. She is out of my life. Once we clean the sound, we use a powerful medicine to accelerate the process of healing, of course- love.

We choose to suffer because we learned to suffer. Heaven or hell is here and now.

Awakening is like being at a party when everyone is drunk, except you.

Until next time !

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