Eyes Wide Open : Overcoming Obstacles and Recognizing Opportunities in a World That Can’t See Clearly by Isaac Lidsky

How he see more than us with a blind eye ?


First of all , we don’t see with our eyes, we see it with our brain. The experience of sight is far more complex than perceiving what is around you. Your experience in sight and the physical reality of the world are 2 different things.

When we are in fear, take a deep breathe and zoom out, focus on

1. What is my problem

2, What can I do about it ?

We are wired to fear the unknown, the unknown is a domain that lie outside your database. Fear is the imposter of familiarity, it fill the void at all cost.

Fear narrow your vision and draw you into a pinhole of the world deep from within. Awfulizing is an irrational , dramatic through pattern, by tendency t over-estimate the potential seriousness and negative consequence of event situation or perceived threat. What matter is you have accepted the reality fear created for you. You basically outsource your destiny away. Imagine when we are kid we always think there is a monster under the bed, the moment we think we look under the bed, you will be over. Brave part of yourself “be proactive, help yourself ! “

The ideal is domain of criticize when what puppet to show us the view from within. The critics tell us zone us, idealize and judge. Its very important for us to distinguish between self awareness / self assessment and critics. Critics message ” You will never be good enough, don’t bother trying. Come sit with me on sideline, and we will point out where strong man stumble. Like fear, critic wrap your reality, he pull you out of the moment, zoom out, and task at hand shrink away. Critics is obsess about the fortress, the outcome and destination. The strongman value effort, struggle, momentum and growth.

For the strong man , the best is a fallacy, he access the quality of the effort expended, not the result obtained. He understand that external comparison is meaningless in this context. There is no unit of measure of grit and determination . Language is insufficient to classify with any precision of our struggles. Let alone to compare them, You cannot quantify the heart you put into the fight or the meaning you assign to it. These are feeling, inherently personal with no comparative value. The strong man savor the first step, he is important it, crave it, when you find one strong man, study him, follow his example, relate his experience to your own, be inspired. Strength un-exercised will atrophy, inaction make us weaker. Every flight take some fight out, more the odd against you if you choose to take a stand.

To get from A to Z, focus on getting A to B first, you are likely to change cause before Z anyway, no shortcut, one foot forward then the next.

Tomorrow you will face your life , and ext day, and every day thereafter, until you have none left, these days are reality blank canvas and you are the creator.

It does not matter what other thinks, what i think matter. That is my choice, i need to confront my own through about strength and weakness, acceptance and surrender.

We have 3 ring of self-image

Ring 1: Self-perception

In our mind, we all have impairment and disabilities. Things can change your life but not who you are. The real danger lies in self limiting assumption you make about yourself is just the dis-advantage you create. Every time you forgo an opportunity, decline an invitation, avoid a situation, decided upon inaction, you race the risk of “i cannot ” and “choose not to “.

Ring 2: Dietaries doubles.

We project onto other our own feelings. We project , we emphasize, exaggerate, focus selectively. Ring 2 analysis include emotional intensity, frequency, reasonable base of my concern.

Ring 3: How we perceive one another

Our interaction with others influence our through, feeling and behavior. The boundary between self and character can be Blur quickly, the fade entirely choose to play a part to effectuate who you are, or slip un-noticed in a role you are not.

There are lots of similarity between Poker and life. The house has the edge, it wins not because its lucky, but the game is rigged in its favor. The real chairman of the casino pay no attention to one single, random spin on any one night. Life is like poker, skill > Luck. In Poker, in life its easy to sit back and watch hands go by, waiting on luck, without studying the game. Its a strategy proven to lose. Luck is messy, its a shifting wind, close your eyes, hold on tight and let it blow you about, or chart your course eyes wide open and harness the wind in your sail.

What is your measure of success ? When you access your self-worth with reference to judgement of others, you are selling yourself, selling yourself SHORT, down the river. You are looking to buy validation / confirmation/ approval, but what you buying is actually trouble. Time pass, door close, your final day hold tmr. This is always right now and nothing else.

Until next time

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