No Matter What! : 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love by Lisa Nichols

How to work on our emotional muscle ?


The law of no matter what is keep going for what you want. Do whatever i need to do, go wherever i need to go , build the parts of character i need to build so i can get it done. There are 9 muscles we want to develop in order to get what we want

Muscle 1: Understanding muscle

When its weak we haven’t create the space to see the benefit in everything that happen to us. We have to recognize some gift are wrapped in sand paper. instead of think “why me”, think of what is my lesson of the moment ? How can i grow from this ?” Its not your responsibility to grow other people, your responsibility is to love them right where they are.

Muscle 2 : Faith-in-myself Muscle

First beware of your inner conversation. Everything you go , people are holding mirror to you, Its up to you to share the world how to treat you.

Muscle 3 : Take action muscle

Our need to be accepted / approved of others often suspend our desire to be happy. When you are clear that involuntary parting of the way not as rejection, but release. We could workout our take action muscle by

  1. Recongnize when you are moaning
  2. Re-focus your original goal
  3. Being open to others
  4. Keep in view your highest dreams, way you want while here.

Muscle 4: i know like i Know muscle

Have the true sense of trust, come from being connected to something bigger than yourself. Knowing is said and done, You are sold, its non-negotiable.  We want to invite spirit in our lives, but we think we have to be worthy first, the truth is you already worthy. When you facing a fear storm and no safe heaven outside, a strong i know like i know muscle enable you to create one inside yourself. Taking time each day to feel grateful for what you have been given is like having a direct line to your higher power.

Muscle 5: Develop a honesty muscle

Often we coast along in life, reluctant to face the truth – even actively avoiding it, we just repeating old, destructive pattern. When you face difficulties, first step is to look at your circumstances, face reality no matter how unpleasant, painful that maybe. Next step is recognize how you have creating it and own your piece without excuse /blame. Don’t confuse being honest with beating yourself up. A strong honesty muscle allow you identify and own your habitual pattern of thinking and feeling and behavior that doesn’t serve you.  Identify whats going on and look in the mirror, identify whats up without judgement, recognize your pattern and own them. Freedom and honesty go hand in hand, although it isn’t always easy to be truthful, its worth striving for.  Standing in your truth is a concrete demonstration of self love.

Muscle 6: Say Yes Muscle

Saying yes to your dream and aspiration connect you face of life. When you choose to play it small, life is mundane and repetitive. Say yes also means say no to distraction, If your say yes muscle is weak, you let fear of failures and losing serenity, other people POV get in your way. yes id a deliberate action, its intentional.

Muscle 7: Develop determine muscle

When the going get tough, tough get going.Determination able you to zero in one of most effective approach for getting to your goal. Going with your gut, acting on a hunch, follow your sixth sense. Focus is key of determination, bring you attention back again and again to your desired goal is the most important thing to build your resolve.

Muscle 8: Forgiveness muscle

Give a quick test to yourself – does anything in your personal history still make me angry, hurt or sad when you remember it ? We cant move forward and embrace new thing while you have 2 hand full of old issue, regret, shame, anger like a closed hand. Knowing which emotion you feeling is the first step of using your forgiveness muscle . Once we ware of what they are, we can process them. Working in front of mirror – do whatever it take to accept yourself, you will be able to resolve those underlying emotion and continue onward a place of forgiveness.  True forgiveness is not making the other person right of excuse what she/he has been done. Forgiveness is about giving yourself permission to replace anger with love. Remember blame / fault are dis-empowering because they looking at the past, to a time nothing can be changed.

Muscle 9 : Highest choice Muscle

This is a bounce back muscle that help you replace toxic behavior with emotionally and physically nourish one. honest muscle help us acknowledge and own the pattern, highest choice muscle help us discover why. When i do A, what need am i trying to fill ? use the highest choice muscle to first clearly identify the need you trying to fill , then adjust your strategy for meeting it. Ask yourself : who is in charge now ?  The man inside you or the impatient child inside who want what he want now ?

Those are the 9 muscle to help us to get what we want !

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