Trump : Think Like A Billionaire by Donald J. Trump

How to think like….Trump ?

Top 10 work advice from Trump:

1. Don’t take vocation – if you not enjoy your work , you are in a wrong job

2. Have a short attention span

3. Don’t sleep anytime more than you have to

4. Don’t depends on technology

5. Think of yourself as a one man army

6. Its often to your advantage to be under-estimated. It’s necessary to boost, but even better if others do for you

7. Success breeds success

8. Friends are good, but family are better

9. Treat each decision like a lover

10. Be curious

How to choose your home ? Spend more on good location is better than a bargain bad location. When apply a mortgage, shop around, ask question, always bargain. Every property ought to be sold in “mint condition”.

Good investor are good students. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it a good investment.

Never like waste, whether its time, effort or money.Remember 20% of your priority will give you 80% of productivity. A slow starter always the fastest finisher.

Go for your own blind spot because someone else get it first.

Always pretend you are working for yourself. Life is too short and work is too important to stick around if it isn’t working.

Promotion come naturally for doing what you good at.

Its important to promote image of yourself every day.

Meeting , like business matter, require sense of hustle.

Dress for job you want, not the job you have.

Billionaire never wish away the minutes

7 way to impress in business meeting

1. On time

2. Do your homework

3. Remember people beforehead

4. Remember name

5. Be honest

6. Let people talk

7. Be disarming

To have the best, you have to know the best. Recognize the best and enjoy the best.

Recognize the virture of making your own choice vs doing what is expected or others is doing.


Until next time

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