Reality Transurfing. Steps I-V by Vadim Zeland

The main idea of Transurfing is based on existence of the alternative space which store the scrips of all possible events. A potential alternative is embodies in physical reality like a reflection in the mirror of alternatives. The method of Transurfing is not aimed at changing self but return to self. Everyone is fear to choose any destiny they wish. The only freedom we have is freedom of choice. You can choose anything you want.

Variability is the world most fundamental quality. Reality manifest itself in an infinite variety of forms. Managing your own destiny come down to one thing – Making the choice ! Though energy transform possible alternatives into physicality reality. Through have as much impact on a person destiny as concrete action do. If you choose to battle against the obstacle in your path you will experience an abundance of obstacles. By trying to change what you don’t like you get caught thinking what you don’t like. Your through then be realized and getting more.

A pendulum is constructed only in relationship to itself, never to an adherent . The wave of good fortune not interested in your fate, but your energy will be sucked in no matter what.

If you take in negative energy, you will experience disappointment. if you give out negative energy, it will return like boomerang.  Take hold of any straw of happiness you are offered and look for good sign in everything.

The more negative you through about life, the worse you life will become. You will notice as such as you start behavior differently, you are bombarded with unpleasant news and circumstances as if one was try to prevent you, DON’T GIVE UP.

Wherever there is excess potential of any energy form, balanced force emerge to correct the imbalance. Number of problems a person experience is reduced significantly when they lower their expectation and relax the attachment.

When you are dis-satisfied with yourself , you enter conflict with your soul.

Its a big difference between idealize and real love. Idealize is to over-estimate, put it on a pedestal and worship it. Love is unconditional. It does not create into dependence relationship between the object and the one.

If you want your love to be mutual, you have to simply love without through of whether you are loved or not. If you simply love, without through of possession, dependency is avoided and energy you radiate is full of love. ” The stronger you want something, the less likely you are to got it.”

There are 3 types of desire

1. Strong desire transform into determined intention, easy is fueled into action

2. Inactive desire : excess potential in energy and waste the carrier

3. Dependent desire : Attachment to the object create a dependent relationship, which call in balance force.

Absence of important and dependent relationship are payment for desire.

No one has the right to judge you and you have the right to be yourself. If you allow yourself to be you, the need for self-justification will fall away. Once you let go of outer/inner importance , you obtain treasure called freedom of choice. The only obstacle on the path to fulfill your desire is the projection of artificial importance.

People tend to have a clear view of obstacle but dim view of foundation of obstacle. Don’t try to overcome obstacle, reduce the level of importance. Humor can deflate the intensity of importance.

Excessive potential of importance dissipates with action do not think , just act. Highest level of action is achieved when a person shift the focus of the attention to self and end goal to process of action.

You came up against circumstances that disappoint you so you express dissatisfaction which then aggravate the situation even more. We all have our personnel reality within the common world we live in.

The desire to possess something is transformed into a psychological defense which then develop into rejection.

When you go with the flow, the world meet you halfway. Control over the mind is released, intuitive feeling and knowledge can break through to consciousness.

A task to learn is to interpret what the heart is trying to communicate to the mind at the time a decision is being made. If you want something, don’t beg for it, don’t demand it, just go ahead and get it. Passive acceptance and over dissatisfaction cause a person to become dependence on pendulum

Have chosen to battle, the fighter takes a more productive stance, but life is hard and demand huge amount of personal energy. To free yourself , you have to abandon inner / outer importance.

By reducing the projected importance , the mind can breathe freely. In accordance with the principle of harmonious movement, everything should be done by the easiest and simplest means possible.

Be the observer rather than the participant. Perform your action simply adapting neither the position of the slave nor master. Everything can be done a lot more simply than you think. Yield to simplicity. Its the mind not the alternative flow that carry you to edge of waterfall.

You experience what you allow into your personal life script. Mind have 2 overwhelm burden, the need to solve problem rationally and the need to control. When you let go of the situation, it relax your central grip, you allow the world around you more freedom and flow can take it own cause.

Mind tend to interrupt any event fail to fit its script as an obstacles. The mind great error is it strives to control the flow itself rather than it own movement within the flow. Be being willing to release control you will acquire more control over a siutation than you had before.

Our through has a deep impact in our life. Realization is brought about not by desire but by one’s attitude to that which id desired. Intention as resoluteness in the decision to have and act. Desire focus the goal, intention focus the process of achieving the goal.  Waiting, worrying, doubt, desire drain your energy. Intention is action upload energy to the person energy’s field. When a person look in the mirror , the facial expression they see it not facially expression they usually have.

How to achieve balance of abundant of direct action ? We want without desire, take care without worry, strive without distract, act without demand. Pure intention assure that everything already in the bag. Consider the goal you want to achieve, as long as doubt enter , you know you have desire. You have to want and act without fueling the emotion of desire.

Slide distort your perception of what other people think, a slide is a distorted picture of reality. Slides are created when you attribute to what other people think of you.

Do below :

  1. Ask yourself what is the thing that you don’t like yourself, what you wanna hide ?
  2. Despite slides of their essential foundation – attention and signifance
  3. Turn your attention into positive virtues from negative.
  4. Create a slide where you see yourself shine, love you in the slide.

Your slide must be truly yours and not somebody else. By setting realistic achievable goals, you give outer intention the opportunity to fulfill your minimum order more quickly.  If you dream something but cannot allow yourself to have, is just will not happen. You have to come to terms with the idea that you will achieve your goal. A buyer act as if they are in control, hold themselves in clam, confident, dignified manner, aware of their right to look around and choose.

The feeling of clarity without words, knowledge without faith, confidence without hesitation come from the unity that exist between heart and mind. The heart can be taught and embrace a new comfort zone by a slide. Do not look at the slide form the standpoint of the objective observer, dive into it, live it at least virtually.  You have to mentally play the scene expecting yourself as a direct participant. A slide will only bring result if its reproduced systemically over a period of time. Absorb all the necessary information, allowing it to penetrate the layer of your world.

There are 3 layers of visualization technique :

  1. Dream  : which is the weakest, those who fantasize are not actually expecting their dream to come true
  2. Film : Visualize the realization of your desire as you were watching a film, the mistake is end up staring it like a beggar starring into a shop window.
  3. Play a role in it : By playing a active role in the visualized material, you set the parameter or your through energy to the life line, the visualization represent a slide.

What move you towards the goal is to visualize the process of moving towards the goal than to compete the goal itself. The mental picture of goal should be serve a background to the central focus which is process.

Like an artist, they create and admire their work simultaneously. Like a mother care her child, she does not simply observe her growth, she take part in it. All the time imagining the child development and who he will become.

Contemplating the end result will expand the limit of your comfort zone, and so in this sense it has its value, but visualizing the process of moving towards your goal will significant quicken the work of outer intention.

Practice visualizing the process of moving toward your goal at your current stage only. There is no need to hurry, everything happen in right time. Visualization in transurfing, mentally picturing the realization process of your current link in the transurfing chain.

Achieving unity between heart and mind is enough to bring outer intention under the sway of your will. You already have everything you need. All you have to do is to use it. You are capable of anything, it is just that no one has told you yet.

Together your heart and mind are capable of ANYTHING.

Love yourself is extremely beneficial and constructive. Love yourself lead to self approval and only punishable by balance force. Do not respond to provocation and do not let them shake you off balance. Keep the importance you attribute to things to a minimal level and be conscious of your action. Keep important to zero is what the situation calls for, not massive effort and worrying.

In this game, the only limitation on your options is your personal intention and the only limitation can be placed as the the zero importance, lead to conscious awareness.

Its the pendulum and not you that desperate for importance. Take whats is yours, calmly and without insistence.

Beauty lies in not in the heart of soul but rather is the harmony connection between heart and mind. When considering your goal, do not think whether it is prestigious, shake your goal from the pedestal of un-attainability. When you think about your goal, do not think about how to achieve it. Only think about how comfortable you feel.

Listen to the dictate of your heart, reduce importance as your goal, allow yourself to have, and you will receive anything your heart desire.

Strive to experience the feeling and repeat affirmation in the same time. Each affirmation should have a narrow focus. It should avoid monotony and emotionless.  There is no point to create affirmation to fight an effect from time to time when the mind get tired, insert the feeling associated with the even you want to indue.

What is a false goal ? no matter how tempting it is, it will only bring disappointment. If you catch yourself persuading, try to convince yourself something is right for you, its not yours.

Next, abandon the desire, then forget about strict planning. The secret of success lies in free yourself form pendulum and going your own way.

A foreign goal always feel like an obligation. It is punishing and forced.

A foreign goal is presented to you as fashionable , prestigious

A foreign goal attracts you by nature of seeming unachievable.

A foreign goal imposed by others

A foreign goal always serve to better someone else well being

A foreign goal evoke inner tension.

If the idea of needing to take care others originate somewhere outside to yourself, whatever the source, it represent a foreign goal.

Once you make a wish check “Do I really need it ??”

Everything you care capable of doing easily, comfortably and willingly has meaning and value. Person qualities that are usually consider “useless” can be express in unexpected way.

Intention is the will to have and act which change your life. Reduce the importance surround your goal and abandon attachment to reaching it, so all that is left intent. Go after your goal in the same way you got to get the post from the letter box.

All the time you are insisting on something, pressing for something to happen, you are preventing outer intention from realizing your goal in harmony with alternative flow.

Give yourself permission to enjoy life and accept everything that come to you as a gift.

Greet every setback with joyful surprise rather than annoyance. Inspiration come from union between heart and mind in absence of important.

Inspiration is freed up in act of working.

there are 2 forms of energy – physiological and free energy. When a person lack free energy, they have no desire to do anything, A person has no free energy has no intention.

To eliminate mental tension, its essential and sufficient for importance to be reduced. Energy cannot be flow if body is toxic and stress.

Use other people’s inner intention to achieve your goal. All it take is , what is the focus of your partner inner intention ? Then we refocus our inner intention on realizing your partner’s inner intention,

Stop the game of enhancing your own wealth, play the game of increasing significance of others.

In everyday communication, it does not matter how interesting you are, what matter is how well the other person think your world suit them in a relationship. Lets go of the inner intention to receive and replace it with intention to give.

You will find love if you can be the one just doing the loving without expecting anything in return. You will inevitably receive the very thing you let go of.

All you need to do is wake up, drag yourself out of self interest and think the need of others.

If a person accept the challenge in the context of their self worth , they will come out and you will as if were the own.

The position of outer intention lies in determining what people want, what they are missing, what they need, what motivate them and what their intention are.

One sure way to set a person against you which is to let them know how much better you are than them.

There is a rich man problem : “Everyone want to offer me something, but no one ever ask what i need.

Shift your inner shift for yourself to your conversation partner. They only way to find a common language and understand your partner wavelength is to lead the conversation with context of other people’s interest.

Listening attentively to what a person trying tell you is essential to attuning to their frequency. A person name is the simplest key to their frequency.

You can win a person favor by asking their help with some difficulty. When talking to a person, you can mentally launch a beneficial visualization for them.

Lack of self acceptance will manifest in form of obstacles. Shift the center of gravity from searching for work to announce your presence in the work market, allow the work to find you.

Lack of self belief and lack of self confidence are basically one and same thing. Lack of self belief, together with tendency to exaggerate the complexity of challenge, lead to state of extreme tension and feeling overwhelmed.

Confidence is not developed thru action, its the energy of intention released.

When there is belief, there is always room for doubt. Confidence is opposite polarity of insecurity, rooted in dependency on external factor and circumstances.

Feeling of clam come from not creating inner importance, nothing to prove, stop justifying yourself to others, do not invite others to judge your self-worth.

All you need is good co-ordination to move with the flow and conscious control.

Taking pleasure in thinking about the goal as if its already achieved. Let go the grip of control over script and go with the alternative flow, helping it with pure intention. When you go with the flow in conscious awareness, everything fall into place without excessive effort.

Do not fight your reaction to being provoked. Look at it from a difference perspective. The emotion you feel is effect, the cause is your relationship to whats happening. The transurfing pilgrim does not take get involved in the fight for freedom because they know freedom is theirs.

2 things get into the way of allow yourself to have:

1. Conflict between hart/ mind

2. Excess potential of inner / outer importance

Doube / Desire / Control are all 3 major things to drain intention energy

Have to not get afraid – Get a safety Net

How not to worry / anxious – ACTION

How not to desire – accept possibility of defeat and act

How not to wait – ACT

Not to convince yourself but to remind yourself of the knowledge that you will achieve the goal.

Jesus was not astonished when he walk on water. Do not think about the means, run the target slide in your head and place on foot in front of other.

The world is a mirror reflect your relationship with it. When you are discontent with the world, its turning away from you. When you fight the world it fight you back. When you end the battle the world will meet you half way.

Human mind stubbornly insist your own script, anything does not fit into a script, its considered a failure.

Its better to love yourself sincerely than to love other insincerely.

Fear is an excessive energy potential when excessive meaning is attributed to the one’s fear.

Modern information and entertainment industry base on 1 simple principle – Watch how other become successful and follow them.

You always give back more than you borrow. Pendulum never give away energy for free without profiting, like drinking alcohol and you will get hang over.

All dependency because the arrow of attention has been caught in the pendulum. In order to come off, you have to switch your attention somewhere else.

A toast is not an empty ritual, its a declaration of intention, When you are dangling on a pendulum’s hook , just think only of the positive.

Awareness can be divided into 2 level : attention and perception.

To wake up in a dream, you have to have a reference point, You remember that’s 2 reality. true reality.

The process of striving toward one’s goal is drive for evolution. God has given every living being the freedom and power to shape their own reality in accordance with their consciousness.

Do not ask, do not demand, do not struggle, just create

Every living create the layer of the world with the thing on the one hand and their direct action on others.

First mirror principle : The world is like a mirror and reflect your relationship with it.

Second mirror principle : Reflection is formed in unity of heart and mind

Third mirror principle : There is a delay in reaction of dual mirror.

Fourth mirror principle : The mirror cites the content of the relationship but ignore its orientation

We observe reality, we express our attitude towards it, the mirror consolidates the content of our attitude in reality.

When we switch our attention from the reflection to the image, take control of your through, think about what you want and striving to achieve rather than focus on things you don’t want or to avoid.

Managing your through process, you manage your reality

5th mirror principle : Release your grip and allow the world to move with alternative flow

6th mirror principle : Embrace any reflection as positive.

When a person no longer allow themselves to wander or strive for new ideas, a process of degradation set in.

Dynamic action generate intention, intention generate energy.

Energy is used to maintain 2 kids of burden

1, Limitation and obligation

2. Excess potential – excessive significant to various object.

The habit once set free is much less harmful than a habit you hate but do nothing about it.

Passive intent is transferred into active intent

There are 3 ways to increase energy level

1. Free up resources

2. Exercise your energy channel

3. Wide your meridens

If you want your energy to work for you, its essential that you focus it in the specific direction of goal.

Concentration means focus, not tension.

Give up all attempt to increase your own significance.

Abandon any form of waiting that feel like longing, otherwise you will not get anywhere.

Being prepared to think of any outcome as successful. Why does the soul need to have fun ? As having fun you feel good as humor reduce importance.

You must not place strict condition on how the goal should be reached. Your task is to concentrate on the final result.

Success love regularity the most. At some point you have to stop studying and start creating the new content of your life !

Hope you enjoy this one

Until next time

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