The Dhammapada introduced by Eknath Easwaran

If you like Bhagavad Git you will like this one

Life is change and change can never satisfy desire. Therefore everything that changes bring sufferings. Especially when we always hold on to certain structure and attach to what we think “should be”, if deepen our suffering.

If its not life that bring sorrow, but the demand we make on life. Thinking life can make them by happy by bring what they want, people run after the satisfaction of the desire, but they only got unhappiness. Selfishness can only bring sorrow

Suffering have a cause, has also an end. When fire of selfishness had been extinguished, what the mind is free of selfish desire, what remain is state of wakefulness. I think this sentence can be misunderstood we dont need a goal or progress, yet ” I will be happy when i XXX <insert your goal ) is the biggest lie we had, but when we just let go and enjoy the process of doing the things, we could be in wakefulness also.

Selfishness can be extinguish by

  1. Right understanding
  2. Right purpose
  3. Right speech
  4. Right conduct
  5. Right occupation
  6. Right effort
  7. Right attention
  8. Right meditation

Right understand – see life as it is, not what it “should be”. To know that happiness cannot come from anything outside, that all things come in being have to pass. Acceptance is the best way to deal with the moving world.

Right purpose – Willing, desiring and thinking that in life. Order your life around learning to live

Right speech / occupation – Live in harmony with unity of life.

Right effort – Constant endeavor to train one self in through , word and action. Congruence is a muscle that need to be trained

Right attention – Keep the mind where it should be. The wise train the mind to give compete attention to one thing at a time.

Right meditation – Means of training of our mind.

Don’t let yourself slack, but don’t stretch yourself to breaking either. The middle course, lying between too much and too little is the way of eight-fold path.

Be a refuge unto yourself. Be a lamp unto yourself, Rely on yourselves and nothing else.

To make progress, we become eager for opportunities to go against self-will, especially in personal relationship.

Through is not continuous. Instead of being a smooth, unbroken stream, The thinking process is more like the floor of action in a movie, only a series of stills passing our eye faster than we can perceive.

Action stimulate the mind, no action bores it. Attention follow the desire to be stimulated and skip over what the mind find meaningless. The power of imagination jump gap between image, holding them together in our mind.

Buddha said personality form, feeling, perception, impulse, consciousness. The blend is subtly but constantly changing in response what we think and experience.

Form is our body. Feeling , sensation is the sensation of the experience. When we identify ourselves with feeling, we identify with our response. This concept can be understood as people often say ” I am sad”, but you are not sad, you have a feeling / sensation of sadness. The space between your being and feeling create stillness.

Our perception act of naming the sensation experience. The name carry all the association of our conditioning that build up for us, depends on our culture and context.

Impulse – our gut level reaction triggered by the naming. If we act on a behavior it become stronger, condition is reinforced. Consciousness is carrying the accumulated karma of all previous through and action

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think. Everything in experience is mind. What we call “things” are object in consciousness, not they are imaginary, but their characteristic are mental construction.

We see life as we are. The world is our experience, its partly our own making, color and distorted by past experience that each person identity with a personal ego.

The observer affect the observation. The way we ask the question determine the kind of answer we will get. Every event, mental or physical, had to have effect, while in mind, action are both and each become a cause itself.

How can we break the chain of suffering ? First ignorance. Instead of seeing life as a flux, we insist seeing what we want it to be, a collection of things and experience to satisfy. We cling on what we want to be, something real / separate and prominent. From this arise insistent craving for personal satisfaction, then the frustration / suffering that are human condition.

There are 2types of immature, those do not see their own mistake as mistakes and those who do not forgive mistake of others.

Be victorious over yourself and not over others. When you attain victory over yourself, not even god can turn it into defect. Its very important to define whats your win , but not what you think “others” definition, because you can only win a game you can control.

If we continue to commit a mistake, each repetition make it easier to make the same mistake over and over again. So it become part of our character. Habit of thinking which karma lock us into pattern of behavior over which we have less and less control with succeed repetition.

Attachment to pleasure is one of most serious obstacle to spiritual growth. Pleasant and unpleasant are not separable, they are 2 sides of 1 experimental fact.

Guard your through , word and deeds. These 3 discipline, will speed you along path to pure wisdom.

Those who meditate and keep their sense under control never fail to do what ought to be done. Only a trained elephant goes into battlefield, only a trained elephant carry the king. Best among men are those who have trained the mind to endure harsh and hardship.

Remember, Buddha deny everything that make selfish desire.

Until next time !

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