The Alter Ego Effect : The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life by Todd Herman

What is your alter ego ?

When we face the moment of impact, that those critical moment that define a larger part of our success, it could be a Championship winner shot, a fight for the belt or even the pitch to the first client of your start up. We need to deform in that situation.

There are 4 layers we can define who we are :

Layer 1: Core drive ( what motivate you at a grande scale than yourself)

Layer 2 : The belief layer (how you define yourself and world around you )

Layer 3: The action layer (how you actually show up)

Layer 4: The field of play ( whats happen in the real world)

We have to become clear on our intention, identify the benefit we are getting from an activity and determine what we want to achieve on a field of play will help unlock yourself. Intention is important but we are judged in our lives by what we do, not by what we think or intend to do.

Very often in the “ordinary” world is what it feel like the “real you” is trapped. Its an easy place to stay trapped. There is an internal justification of “nobody will ever know anyway if I don’t do that.”

We can use below bridges to progress

Stopping            THINKING

Starting             Feeling

Continuing        Doing



We are move closer to our goal by doing target mapping, first we define our final outcome and then work backward for that target to build a plan to reach.  When we met the moment of impact, aka the action / opportunities / events / situation with greatest impact on success, it filled with resistance , emotion and challenge because they occur when you might be most vulnerable. In order to be ready at any moment we have to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

We have an internal “enemy” , which is a force creating inner conflict and stop you from showing up as your heroic self. This enemy is the source of those unwanted behavior and action that is stealing your moment from you, keep you tuck away , safe and sound in ordinary world

Hidden force 1: Imposter syndrome : That we will be found out and kick out of the tribe. When caught by imposter syndrome, people don’t take themselves, their abilities and accomplishment seriously.

Hidden force 2: Personal Trauma : The enemy will blame you for bring trauma to yourself or tell you people will your past cant overcome it

Hidden force 3 : Tribal narrative : The enemy cause us to become so concerned with upsetting people closest to us that impact our decision. Its a human nature and totally normal that almost every one of us is looking for approval from our peers.

We sometimes have a circular bulling conversation to ourselves, which will go no where apart from beating ourself up and only spiral us into more and more self defeating chat. We should name it and by naming our enemy , it create a compelling distinction between the 2 worlds living inside all of us : the ordinary and extraordinary. It allow our heroic self to talk back to the enemy who trying to trap us. When something lurk in the shadow, whatever you cant see, touch or hold, it become more frightening as its unknown. by making and naming our enemy something you are going to love facing down and conquering. Humiliate it, make the enemy as small as possible. Take away all its fear over you. These type of narratives and stores are important because it unconscious idea and emotions drive action.

Sometimes we are tempted to be “normal”, but if we are not willing to risk the “usual”, we will have to settle for the ordinary. People who pursed activities only for personal pleasure lack a sense of meaning in their lives. If we want to chase our goals, finding deeper meaning into our effort will make our stronger. ask yourself “why do i want this , who do i want to create an alter ego ?”.

The superpower you select for your alter-ego will be the one you need the most to ensure you to show up as heroic self on moment of impact. We can choose among

  1. Select something or someone that you deeply resonate with
  2. Choose something or someone that you admire
  3. Its right in front of you

The best alter ego is the one you have deepest emotional connecting, emotional can triumph everything.

In order to breathe life into our alter ego, first we have to understand the alter ego effect model.

Layer 1: How you show up ( how you demonstrate your skill, knowledge, behavior, action and reaction.)

Layer 2 : Who you are ( your attitude, belief , value, perception and expectation)

A major reason why alter ego work is because of En-clothed cognition. It happens when you understand the “symbolic meaning” and psychological experience of wear an items which constantly remind you of what the item represent.  The totem embody your alter ego super power, original story and its mission. It should also engage more of your sense, something you can feel, smell, taste, touch and see the object. In that case we shouldn’t wear , carry or use the totem all the time, we shouldn’t give it away and choose something we will enjoy wearing. We can use the totem as a switch, signaling to our mind that its time for the alter ego to take over.

How to deliver the ground punch ? We can do a curb kick, by put the attract persons to conversation we are having in our head, we create more constructive conversation versus self defeating talk. We can also have a well prepared response to all the question of “who do you think you are ?”

6 mind set to win

1, Bring it on and embrace the challenge

2. I am ready for anything

3. I am a creation force

4. I love to play

5. I wander what will happen

6. I believe i can change

Hope you find your alter-ego !

Until next time

Read the book here >>>shop-now-button-copy





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