The Murderer Next Door : Why the Mind Is Designed to Kill by David Buss

YES maybe even next to you !

Have you ever through about why people murder ? The fundamentals logic to murder, is ruthless but rational, not only in the mid of people who actually become murderer, but its mind of each of us. Killing in some sense, offer an abundance of advantages to our early ancestors in competition of survival and reproduction.

Consider about spontaneous abortion, an undetected miscarriage occurs when the mother’s body sense the fetus is in poor health or genetic abnormalities.

Emotion, are extraordinary effect means for implementing goals. Passion posses a function, sub-conscious logic.

According to a survey done in one of the top university in America, most of the students actually did have murder fantasy. Murder fantasy help to put the brake on murderous impulses, inhibiting intent to kill, we usually appraise the cost as too high and choose more effectively, less risky solution to solve the problem.

In long history of male competition, dangerous strategies is surprisingly were often advantages, even if lead to death, as long as conferred a mating advantages due to moving up of social status. Women’s preference that they judge man on the qualities that known to correlate with future resource acquisition capacities.

A male who murder a mate who has cuckolded him sometimes salvage his status and reputation. A major concept here is a “relative” reproductive success : your loss will be compound as if that is your rival’s gain. In domestic violence, psychological and physical abuse paradoxically designed to hold long term love. By underline a mate’s self esteem, a man may conceive a women that she is fortunate to have the man she is with. Repeated physical / sexual and psychological abuse are most common trigger or women’s homicidal fantasies.

In modern day society, feminist often claim that Men are targeting women in work place and social harriccay however men are not united with other men in their interest of other women, as men are primary in competition with other men !

One important motivation for murder is mate poaching. Those who attempt to poach are typically more extroverted, disagreeable , UN-conscientious and narcissistic.  There are few strategy for mate poaching

  1. Bait and switch : Go out with targeted mate on a friendly terms, then turn the opportunity into a romantic encounter
  2. Drive wedge into relationship, tell the target that her mate is cheating and she is going to lose all long term benefit
  3. Set a rival up with him for hookup and break their relationship

In our evolution psychology, the price of error can be too high so we always opt for the safest thinking, we are so over-estimate the likelihood that our life are in danger.

Evolution will favor parents who withhold investment from children who are losing proposition, even to kill children who infer their reproductive success, such as

  1. Physical deformity
  2. When a mother already had children and the investment in new baby is difficult
  3. Women had children but not married or in committed relationship.

For most men, public affronts in front of peers are very risky for them to consider murder. Men who lack status become loser in game of mating. The elevated status granted more food, better territory and superior social group. A men’s reputation is depends in part upon the maintenance of a creditable threat of voilence

Over human evolutionary history, was was a means of drive rival male extinct with contribution to descendant population.

However , we shall never confuse “what is ” and “ought to be”. We cannot wish away aspect of human nature that we desire not exist. Yet we are not our biology, we can understand the trigger and choose to act upon our life

Until next time

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