The Art of Learning : An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance by Josh Waitzkin

How to learn effectively ?

On path of mastery, we must study technique, principles and theory until they were into unconscious mind.

Start off as a chess competitor, he start off using a chess student must initially become immersed in the fundamentals in order to have any potential to reach a high level. He will learn the principle of endgame, middle game and opening play. Overtime the intuition leads to integrate more and more principle into sense of flow. Every time we through about other player watching, you played BADLY.

It was all about love and pain and passion and pushing yourself to overcome. Respond heartbreak with hard work.

The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long term learning process, and not live in a shell of static , safe mediocrity. The lesson learned from the pursuit mean much more than immediate trophies and glory.

One of the most critical strength of superior competitor is the ability to dictate the tone of the battle. In performance training, first we learn how to flow with whatever comes, then we learn to use whether things come to us as advantages. Finally we learn to have completely self sufficient and create our own earthquake.

Mental resilience is the must critical part of the world class performance. Important of regain presence and clarify of mind after making serious error is a key element. What result is a downward spiral when the player reject variations he should accept, pushing with hollow overconfidence.

How can we regain presence

1. Deep Breathe

2. Cold Water

3. Sprint 50 yard

<Numbers to leave numbers, form to leave form >

A key component of high level learning is cultivating a resilient awareness that the conscious embodiment of physical obliviousness from child to child is very core of understanding of success. Investment in loss will give yourself to the learning process , eliciting yourself be pushed without reverting back to old habit. Its essential to have a liberating incremental approach that allow for times when you are not in peak performance state. The great one are willing to get burned time and again as they sharpen their sword of fire.

The learning principle is to plunge into the detailed mystery of the micro in order to understand what macro tick. To touch the essence of  technique, and then to incrementally condense the external manifestation of technique while keep true to its essence. Overtime expansiveness decrease while potency increase.

If we want to be the best, we have to take risk other would avoid, always optimizing the learning potential of the moment and turn adversity to my advantages.

<How to slow down time >

Intutition – bridge between unconscious and conscious mind, what separate great from very good is deep presence, relaxation of conscious mind and allow the unconscious flowed.

We have to become immune to pain, embrace it, become at peace with mounting pressure. One of most telling gestures of a dominant performance is the routine use of recovery periods.

Tendency of competition to exhaust themselves between round of tournaments is surprisingly widespread and self-destructive. TO have success in crunch time, you need to integrate certain healthy patterns into your day to day life, so they are completely natural to you when pressure is on.

Create your own trigger is a physiological connection is found between the routine and activity.

Competitors have different way of approach their emotions, use emotions, observe their moment and channel everything into a deeper focus, that generate unique flow creativity. Learning to get comfortable dealing with guy playing outside the rule, dirty players are the best teacher. Perform while keep heading strict, acknowledge reality, turn to it, take the nerve and use them.



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