Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself : How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Joe Dispenza

Why you should be a new-self ?

When we first learn something new, we should take the intellectual information that we learn as a philosophy then imitative that knowledge until you master it, you will more from being philosopher to an imitative to a master. We should never wait for science to give us permission to do the uncommon, if we do we turn science into another relgion.

Change will probably entail a bit of discomfort, inconvenience break from routine and period of not knowing where we are.

Everything in the physical universe if made up of subatomic particles. In terms of quantum physics, they are basically everything and nothing until they are observed. In that sense when you imagine a future in your life base on any one of your desire, the reality already exist as a possibilities in quantum field.

Through, feeling perpetuate some sate of being, some behavior and we create some reality. Hold a clear intention of what you want, but leave the “how” to unpredictable quantum field. When we are in state of gratitude, we transmit a signal into field that event has already occurred.

IN order to create something different, we have to change the way we routinely think and feel each day. We associate the outer familiar world with who we think we are , by remember yourself in this dimension, this space and time. We remain plugged into the past self by following a highly routine, unconscious set of automatic behavior. If we cannot stop thinking about our problem, then our mind and life will merge together as one. The objective world is now colored perception of your subjective mind.

The greatest individual in the history were unwavering committed to a future destiny without any need of immediate feedback from the environment, they believe its gonna happen and have total faith in it.

There are 4 elements to change our brain : learning knowledge, receive instruction, payint attention and repetition. As we think different through, our brain circuits fire in corresponding sequences, pattern and combination, the will produce level of mind equal to those thoughts. When felling become means of thinking or it we cannot think greater than how we feel, we can never change. To change is to think greater than how we feel.

We create worst case scenario in our mind so that we don’t have to rise above those familiar feeling, its almost like a defense mechanism to our normal self. Trying to change our emotional pattern is like going through drug withdrawal. As long as we use our familiar feeling as a barometer, as feedback as our effort to change, we will always talk our-self our of new possibilities. When mind and body are in opposition, change will never happen.

Most of the time, personality is anchored in the past. Animal and human both experience stress but as human we re-experience and per-experience traumatic experience even they didn’t occur.

The gift of neuroplasticity is that we can create a new level of mind. When we entertain new through, we begin to think about modifying our behavior so we can do something differently when the opportunity present itself, in order to have a new outcome.

“Experience ” is for the body. When the body know better than conscious mind, when you can repeat experience at will without much conscious effort. Then you have memorized the action, behavior, attitude or emotional reaction until it become a habit.

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom

How we appear become the facade of the personality, which rely on external world to remove who we really are. We use everything that we know in the external world to define our identity and to distract us from how we really feel. The most important moment for change is when we feel ” This cant go on, i don’t care what it takes or how i feel. I don’t care how long it takes, no matter whats going on in my life, i am going to change.”.

We can start by monitoring our through, embrace stillness, focus attention on behavior and how element in environment trigger our emotional response. Meditation is also a good tool to become familiar with our-self. Maintain a modified state of mind independent of the external environment / body emotion need and greater than them. Sometimes we try to think our way our of an situation but the problem that we are so busy analyzing cant be resolved within the emotion we in, as analysis create higher and higher frequencies of beta which make us further stuck in our head.

Meditation step

1. Induction

2. Observe how it feel in body when the habit arose, define state of mind associated with that emotion

We cant be both surrender and control the outcome. Become so familiar with your specific through and action derived from old sensation and never walk the same routine again.

Habitual action also make up unique undesirable state of mind. When we study new information and experience new thing it evolve your brain. Repetition further seal our long lasting circuit of habit. Frequency + Intensity + Duration is the prefect formula for a new habit

Until next time

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