Trump Never Give Up : How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success by Donald J. Trump ,Meredith McIver

Learn something from Trump ?

Every time when trump hear the word “NO”, it become a challenge to him. If you are willing to work very hard, realize problem become opportunities. That attitude can give you the power to conquer obstacles and succeed in face of long odds

If we meet some setback, refuse to give up is the best strategy. Try to imagine yourself as victorious, focus on that instead of your nagging doubt and fear. When we see a situation as unacceptable, it take you away from wholeness and you will be motivated to get out from it.

Problems are just part of life/ business. The bigger your business, the bigger your life, the bigger your problem likely to be. Being prepared for that.

Pave your way of come back is to read people who have courage against long odd or unfavorable situation. When you are fighting a lonely battle, keep yourself accompany with positive reinforcement and faith.

If you are faced with situation that demand your time, give it chance and time to settle in. Listen to others but never negate your own instinct. Understand it pays to never give up, you will be in position to give back later. Say to yourself ” Because i can”

If you are passionate about something, even you receive zero encouragement wont discourage you, just plainly wouldn’t give up. Every door required a lot of work just to get it cracked open.

Momentum is important, even a lunch break can break your work momentum.

Make sure you are doing the right thing, love it and be tenacious on it. We should do it while be cautious, not fearful, know your possibility of success as well as failure. Developing our talent require work , and work creates luck.

Going negatives to something is a easy lazy way to conclude something. We need to have positive thinking, combine with pragmatic thinking, those 2 can keep things moving forward. Doubt is the worst form of adversity, can continue to surface even after you made up your mind to go forward with big risk. So what should we do ? dont think about it ! Fear of failure can halt you immediately. Work despite your fear and they will disappear.

Success wont happen to you until you decide to take chances first. Don’t settle for failure when you can take few risk of your life and change it or enhance it.

If you thinking “not sure if i can do it”, turn into “Its going to feel good afterward”

Have the capacity to change your through pattern quickly, to focus something new without long adjustment. Thinking take energy and it shouldn’t be dwell on the wrong thing.

Every time when you think of yourself are foolproof is a good way to set yourself up for big mistake. Your success and all good thing that come your way are direct result of your effort. Growing cocky and self assured can lead you directly into downfall.

Sometime we have to go with the flow if we don’t have a choice. More opposition you encounter or created by your action, the more energy you get. Repeat that to yourself ” I am doing the right thing and i will not be beaten.”

4 step formula :

1. Get in – getting started, setting goal ( daily goal > Year > Life goal), you only have stress when you loss of focus

2. Get it done – expect problems, they are there to bring you close to get it done

3. Get it done right – Work for the reputation of yourself, don’t settle for mediocre work.

4. Get out – When a job is finished, move on

Understand that positive thinking is creative working. You cant be positive unless you make an effort to think creatively. Confidence can get you where you want to go , its much easier to achieve when you feel good about yourself, your ability and talent.

Get up and keep up with the program everyday, ignorance is more expensive than education.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you simply wont make it. Always know what you getting into, do your due intelligence. Nothing is easy, sometimes you just have to be stubborn as well as patience.

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