Extreme Ownership : How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win by Jocko Willink

How to OWN everything in your reality ?

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Once people stop making excuses, stop blaming others and take ownership of everything in lives, they are compelled to take the action to solve the problems.

The leader must own everything in his world. We blame our own poor performance on bad luck, circumstances, beyond our culture, poorly perform subordinates – anyone but ourselves.

To make it thru hell week ( a navy sealing training program), success resulted for determination and will but also from innovation and connection with the team. Leadership is the single greatest factor is any term’s performance, whether a team success / fail is all up to the leader. As a leader, we have to put our-self in the most difficult position at the front of the boat and lead. We don’t need to focus on the far distinct finish line but insisted on a physical goal immediately in front.

When it come to standard, its not what you preach but what you tolerate. If sub-standard performance is accepted and no one held accountable, if there as no consequence, poor performance is the new standard !

Face the fact, recognized and accepted the crew performance was terrible. Don’t blame anyone, not make excuses to justify poor performance. Don’t wait for others to solve your problem, realistic assessment , acknowledge of failure and ownership of the problem were key to developing a plan to improve performance and ultimately win. Most important is, he believed winning was possible !

In order to convince and inspire others the follow and accomplish a mission, a leader must be a true believer in the mission. If a leader does not believe, he/she will not take the risk required to overcome the challenge necessary to win.

Leader must align his through / vision to that of mission. Once a leader believe in the mission, the belief shine through to these below / above in chain of command.

Every leader must be able to detach from immediate tactical mission and understand how it fit into strategic goals. If you don’t understand / believe the decision coming down from leadership, its up to you to question until you understand how and why those decisions are made.

Discipline create vigilance and operation readiness which translated to high performance and success on battle field. Ego drive the most successful people to win, be the best but when ego clouds your judgement ,prevent us to see the world, its bad.

Simplifying as much as possible is crucial to success. It was essential to keep this simple as everyone understand. Human need to see the connection between action/consequence in order to learn or react appropriately.

Prioritize and execute – Relax, look around, make a call. Stay at least 1/2 ahead of real time problem. Decisively engaged is a term used to describe a battle in which a unit looked in tough combat situation, cannot move themselves. They cant retreat, they must win.

Human being are generally not capable of managing more than 6-10 people. Team must be broken down into manageable unit with a designated leader. Proper decentralized command require simple, clear, concise order that can be understood by everyone with clear guidance and established boundaries for decision making, they can act independently towards your unified goal.

Mission planning: Never take anything for granted, prepare for likely problems, maximizing the chances of mission success while minimize the risk. Mission must explain the overall purpose and desired result. Giving the front-line troop ownership of small piece of the plan give them buy-in.

Leadership doesn’t just flow down the chain of command, but up as well. If your boss isn’t making a decision in timely manner and provide necessary support, don’t blame the boss, blame yourself. A leader must push situational awareness up the chain. At the end of the day, once a debate on potential cause of action is over, you must execute the plan as if your own.

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