The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

How the smallest decision in your daily routine change your life ?

Small, smart choices + constitency+ time = radical difference

The compound effect is always working . You can choose to make it work for you , or you can ignore it and experience the negative effect of this powerful discipline .You make your choices, then your choices make you. Every decision , no matter how slight , alters the trajectory of your life .

Our choices are often shaped by our culture and upbringing , they can be so entwines in oir routine behaviour and habit they seems beyond our control. You have to be willing to give 100% with zero expectation of receiving anything in return . Only when you are willing to take 100% responsibility for making the relationship work will it work . a relationship left to chance will always be val stable to disaster

Completely formula of getting Lucky = preparation (personal growth ) + attitude (belief )+ opportunity + action = Luck

Tracking is really important if we want to find out what habbit is helping us or hurting us. Track one habit for one week and see how they will influence your life. Power of little things adding up : it’s the hundreds, thousands , millions of little thing that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Rememberm the older a tree are, the harder they get , deeper the roots grow and hard for us to uproot them. We might hestitate to even try .

A single poor habit can ultimiately lead you off course from the direction of your goals and life you dire. Forget about will power, Its time for WHY power. Your choices are only meaninful when you connect them to your desire / dreams. When your why is strong eough, you will be willing to perform any HOW. People are either motivated by something you like or something they dont. Love is powerfully motivating force , so is hate. Enemies give us a reason to stand tall with courage. How to fight challenge your skill, character and resolve.

The person who has a clear, compelling and white hot burning why will always defeat even the best of doing “HOW”. If you want to have more, you have to become more. Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you, its like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you attract by the person you become. What stand betwween your goal and you is your behavior.

5 stragegy to elimiate bad habit

1. Identify your trigger : Who / hwat / when / where

2. Clean House

3. Swap it

4. Ease In

5. Jump in ( cut cold turkey)

6 technique to implent good habit :

– It take 300 instances of positive reinforcement to turn a new habit into uncosicious pratice. Key is staying aware, if you want to maintain a good habit, make sure you pay attraction to it once a day.

  1. Set yourself to succeed
  2. Thnk addition, not substitution ( thin of what you can do instead of focusing what you cant do
  3. 3. Go for PDA – pubic display of accountability
  4. Find a success Buddy
  5. Competition and commanderio
  6. Celebrate

It takes time / energy to get momentum , but with it, success and result correspound rapidly.

Everyone is influence by 3 kind of information :

  1. INPUT (what you feed your mind) : We need extra level of viglance to pervent our brain consume irrelvant, counter-productve or destructive input by standing guard and entroll in learning while we are in traffic
  2. Associate : who is influecing you ? your reference group determine 95% of your success / failure .  We contorl this by breaking off bad people, limited association to social friend and expanded associates , invest in mentorship. Top performers are the one to hire and pay for best trainers /coaches . It pay to invest in your performance
  3. ENvironment: Everytime you hit a mental / emotional wall, reconise your competition are facing the same challenges . It was the defining moment of success / progress. Its not getting to the wall that count. what you do after you hit it. Hitting the wall isnt an obstacle, its an opportunity. Viewing yourself as your toughest cometition is one of the best way to multipy your result.

Always do the unexpected, common thing deliver common result. Shook and awe Campign to find their intest, hobbies, kids hobbies, spouse hobbies, and send them book, article, gift that they will like. You might lost 1/5 being overly agressive, but you will get 4. Find the line of expectation then exceed IT !!

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