Super Brain : Unleashing the explosive power of your mind to maximize health, happiness and spiritual well-being by Deepak Chopra ,

Is your brain super ??



The concept of super brain is trying to bridge 2 world : our biology and experience, and the meaning of subjective experience. Human brain can do what it thinks it can do, therefore low expectation produce low result.

When people get old, they get lazy and apathetic about learning. They tend to simply mental activities, as a defense mechanism, they simply exerting energy try to avoid learning anything new. The only way to break the cycle is to be aware of the through and feeling, and follow an upward learning curve.

Expectation is a very powerful tool to trigger our brain, when we expect good result our brain will do the rest of the work . When we want to help our memory, it can be solidified by Emotion.

Fear / Phobia are just distortion of reality, one good technique is imagine what you afraid of, make the image bigger / smaller .

One very important brain tricks used by Einstein is adaptability. 3 strengthen we should build on : Letting go , being flexible and hanging loose , 3 obstacles we should try to remove : Habits, conditioning and stuckness.

Emotion , reasoning are all merged, like a circuit of brain is inter-connected. Part of the adaptability is we aware of our emotional component. Like a new born baby is all about integration, our sensation / image / feeling / through are all from our inner world. Another 3 strength we try to get more : communicating, stay balance and see the bigger picture . 3 Obstacles we try to remove : Isolation, conflict, repression.

Depressed people are not living in a sad mood but in a sad world. the Action of the mind and action triggered in the brain is inter-related. In this case we should think my role as a creator, which is active, the beginning to make my reality. Every Human exist in 3 states : Unconscious, aware, and self-aware.

Super brain is the product of conscious evolution, there 4 phrase of function of the brain 1. Instinctive 2. Emotional 3. Intellectual 4.Intuitive

Fear fuel the desire for activities that will alleviate fear, desire creates fear that you cant, shouldn’t get what your appetites demand. Repetition make fear response stick to brain, fear is convincing when you really believe it. Fear stir a memory of pass experience that happen in the similar situation. Fear lead to silence, from shoulder to gut, you don’t speak, its festers. Repress feeling endure, as what you resist , persist. The antidotes to it it by openness and honesty. Fear is crippling, you feel too week to do anything.

Emotion want to run their course, like instinct, they do what they want., with tiny act of detachment, emotion lose momentum. When we facing personal crisis, ask ourself 3 questions:
1. Is this a problem I should fix , put up with or walk away ?
2. Who can i consult , who has solve this problem before ?
3. How can i reach deeper into myself for solution, how can i get the willingness to go deep inside myself ?

Five step to bring true Power
1. Stop giving away your power , we give away our power when we try to fit in / follow the crowd / let others in charge of you / hold a grudge
2. Examine why its “good”to be a victim
3. Develop a mature self
4. Align yourself with personal growth
5. Trust in higher power that transcend everyday reality

Changing without force
Anything you force yourself do will eventually fall. Create a matrix for yourself to make better choices . There are 7 degrees of enlightenment : Inner calm / feeling connected / Empathy / Clarity / Awareness become accurate / truth reveal itself / bliss growth.

The gap between ? hope / I believe / I know is the same as in spiritual world Stat of uncertainty > Firmer security > True understanding.

The sense of well-being is compose of everything is OK , freshness to experience and enjoy the flame of experience.

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