Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone

Are you sold ? or be sold ?


The degree you can influence the outcome of events in your life is the determining factor of your success. Consider your life is a commission, there is no salary guarantee in life. Kids are the best sales person on the world, they are passionate, relentless and persistent closer. People tend to form opinion, give advice and pass on myth when they don’t actually have any personal experience.

Professional is someone engaged in a special activity as his main occupation instead of a past time. An Amateur engage in a pursuit / study as a past time or lacking in experience / competence in an art or science. The person who know what he is doing and understand every nuance of his career doesn’t have to get enthusiastic, he is enthusiastic.

First step to become one of the greatest – Commit. By eliminate any/all other option and devote to learn anything you can, commit and be done with it. We rather commit the wrong thing all the way than commit right thing halfway. When you average, you are not committed , so you don’t get result, you don’t like your job, you fall into a vicious cycle. The ability to predict is the first thing that happen when you become a professional. By look at everything that’s happening, observe it accurately without emotion /blame and make note of it. Only reason people doesn’t like what he is doing is because he doesn’t know what he is doing, he isn’t winning and that’s become something that he doesn’t know, Cold spell is due to your lack of understanding of you profession.

In order to become a great salesperson, you have to sell yourself on what you are selling. You have to be utterly convinced so strong you become unreasonable and fanatic. The conviction you have regarding you product is more important the conviction others have. A sales is made when your conviction / belief about something are stronger than another, at which they give up some of their conviction. Are you sold on your product that you think its unethical not to convince someone to buy from you, get to the point and if a customer not buy from you, feel bad for him and feel like you screw him over. Champion decide to win the game with what they have to work with. They make the most of asset and strength available to them. They play the card they have and make most of the part. They convince themselves the only solution is winning and they commit to 1 outcome – success.

Most sales lost in unspoken objection. The sale isn’t about money, its buyer have confidence that the product is the right one.. Move the client up, not down the inventory, exhaust your inventory, not your price, buyer rather pay more and make the right decision than they pay less and make a mistake. Salespeople, not the prospect, are the ultimate barriers of every Sale

Second money is easier than first money. Second purchase reinforce that the first purchase was the right decision. Money is a mental issue, not shortage issue.

Being superior in product knowledge but inferior regarding people knowledge equal minimal results. Learn to think like a customer.

In sales we are interested in communication, that gain access to information, which led to action. You are in the people business, not in a product business. Process put in place without considering the effect on the customer will inevitably be ineffective and destructive.

Always, always, always agree with the customer, people attract to product, idea, and people that represent things which they are in agreement. Agree > Acknowledge > make other feel right > close the deal. If you disagree with someone after the close,you risk ever getting to the pint where you can close. The easiest way to end an argument by agreeing with opposition.

A salesperson always get a decision from his customer, Always. You are not look at what buyer say but what he didn’t say. If you don’t recognize how buyer think and what cause them to respond/act, you will unable to take full responsibility and will never reach your full potential. Take full responsibility for the selling and the buying, credibility equal to increase in sales, show documentation, printed material. Assume your buyer, no matter how well you know the person, never believe your words and only believe which you are able to show him. To handle buyer distrust, we have to show written material by 3rd party. Always write down what you said, offered, proposed, promised. People believe what they see, not what they hear.

In selling, only way to receive is to give first. Give all care, focus, attention in the meeting, make your goal give 100% of your attention, regardless the quality of prospect. Problems, dissatisfaction are opportunities for me to shine, for me to separate myself and sell again.

Most people will not buy without someone asking them to , and people will never say yes to someone who quit asking. The deal is dead from the moment you quit asking. The willingness to stay/persist even when the prospect become noisy is what separate the professional and amateur. 2 things that get you hard-close :1 Believe what you offering is the right thing for prospect. 2. Trained to stay in no matter what happened, arm with way to handle stall, emotional and objections.
You need to practice handling objection and stall so you can persist intelligently through resistance. We can do this by Role-play every morning, to be professional you have to know what you will do and say in every situation.

Standing is for losing, sitting for closing .

When it come to action, never think balance, always think in massive. More or better, less is nothing. Amount of success you have is limited by amount of action you take. there are 4 types of action : Right / wrong / No / Massive action. When we have the right amount of massive action, it create new problem. doing too much will never fail you, but doing too little always will. Go Massive, not passive. When you are not prefect, the only way to compensate is taking lots of action. No one will pay for what you know, they pay for what you do. Put your attention on massive to ensure you don’t become passive. Be mad in how much action you take until it become a habit way of life and normal for you. Act like a madman when it come to action and gt completely unreasonable about what you think it will take to get the job done.

Your power base is your friend / family / associate as past/present employee, client, club members and neighbors. Each people have 10 in their power base, so 10 >100. never neglect former customer, easy sell and people find comfort in familiarity.

Work your sales life a politician, he don’t keep talking to people who already vote for him, he goes and talk to people who haven’t decided. Go out, been seen, mix it up and put yourself in the game.

People always act according to your attitude, if its negative, expect a negative response. You are a product of you surround yourself with. not only just to be positive, protest again yourself who is negative. Always distinguish complaint vs objection, find out what they interested in, not what you interested in.

best sales process are shorter, rather than longer, as no one is interested in wasting time.
5 Step
1. Greet / introduce , make good impression, put buyer at ease
2. Determine want and need / asking – listening
3. Select the product and present – show the product base on what client tell you is important
4. Make proposal
5. Close the deal or exit : great closer need hundred of close, not a few. Approach a skill like you get a 3-degree black belt.

Make a commitment to success like your duty. You have to demand success. Be honest with yourself on every sales cycle, ask “why didn’t i get that sale? What could i do differently ? Where did I miss ? Be brutally honest with yourself.
1. Decide you are ultimate responsible for the sale
2. Make it your duty, responsibility to make the sales
3. Take massive action, follow by more action, until sale is made
4. Accept no excuse / reason / logic and figures how how to make it work
5. Prepare yourself daily to handle all obstacles, stall, reason and bullshit

Practice, drill rehearsal over and over again
If you are backing off in the game, you are not submersing yourself enough in training, education and practice.

Effective training tips:
1. train daily
2. Goal to increase product immediately
3. Short, interactive
4. Measurable, rewarded
5. 80% on content/time/energy of TOP people
6. Make training part of your day, accessible throughout the day

10 Commandment of sales
1. Be proud and be positive
2. Dress for sales success
3. See the sales
4. Be sold on your offer – each week i write list of reason people should come and why hey worth the investment.
5. Know your value proposition
6. Always agree with your client
7. Super freak demonstration
8. Be time efficient
9. Assume the sale – follow me/ sigh here, is 2 most powerful phrase.
10. Always persist in close

Rejection is not sales issue, part of human condition and illusion created by person experiencing it. No one reject you, they say no to the offer. When you are told no , look at what you could do differently, how to be more effective, how to turn him into customer next time . The most important factor to any success is ability to show up day after day and do the right things. There are so many random things happening, the more stability you can , create the most secure you will be ad more certain your results.

Follow up: stay committed and creative, staying interested and not forget about your client. Call reluctance come from not being constantly motivated and trained at your job.If client not call back, its your job to follow up, its not their job to call you back, Quitting cant be an option, nothing happen to you, its happening because of you.

The way to kill fear is taking action, Use fear to move you, the more you practice moving in direction of which you fear , the more it become a habit, second nature. Taking action on things you fear is how you build courage, when you do what you fear, your experience such gratification.

Great man of ability start out as an idiot , keep on learning, practicing and eventually become great.

Think expansive not contraction, get involved in real life,
1. Commit getting out among people
2. Figures out how to establish communication, approach the prospect, don’t wait customer approach you, smile and thank you for her time, greet !

Lack of consistency is lack of real discipline.

Traits of great sales person :
1. Willing to be told NO more than onece
2. Ask for the order regardless
3. Listen selectively
4. Stay sold on the story
5. Ask question
6. Ger answer to question
7. Price is not an issue
8. Willing to pressure and persist
9. Believe selling as a good thing
10. Train purposefully

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