Shoe Dog : A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE by Phil Knight

Just do it ?



A Memoir by the founder of Nike, Phil Knight, how he go from a retired track runner to the gigantic Nike kingdom.

When he start the business, he has the idea of let everyone tell your idea crazy, keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t’ ever think about stopping, until you get there, and don’t give much through to what “there” is, whatever come, just don’t stop.

The early selling psychology : It wasn’t selling, you believe in running , people sensing my belief, they want some of that belief for themselves. Belief is irresistible.

Art of forgetting : Forget your limits, your doubt, your pain, your past, forget that internal voice screaming, begging, “not one more step”, when its impossible to forget it, you must negotiate with it.

Wisdom seems an intangible asset, but an asset is all the same, one that justified the risk, then fail fast. When we fail, fail quickly an have enough time enough years to implant all the hard-won lesson.

When Phil talk about work-life balance, he mention: If my life was to be all work and no play , i want my work to be play.  Life is growth. You grow or you die.

When it come to critical moment, fuck up situation, Phil believe that this is the moment, if we going to succeed or fail we should do in my terms, idea, brand, total effort win people ‘s heart. Compete as your lives depends on it. Do whatever necessary to win, if it falls outside area of expertise, wiling to try and learn.

When we fail, had faith that we do it fast, learn from it, and be better for it.

One of the best negotiator in Nike, the style is he didn’t care what/how he say , he just b totally honest.

The cure for any burnout: Work harder, take on the fight yourself by hitting pause, think long and hard on

  1. What you want to spend time with
  2. Whom you want to spend time with
  3. Seek a calling

Have faith in yourself, has faith in faith , not faith as others define it. Faith as faith define in your heart.

Overall is a great book, despite he write it humbly but you can still feel the fire of competitiveness from his word

Until next time !

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