The Bhagavad Gita

You know you could acquire the secret super power of Gandhi ?

One of the Top spiritual teaching book from India, its surprising more political than most of the spiritual book i read for the past few years.

Our reality is the perception of our mind through sensory system. our mental / biochemical events actually take place in the same field.

Imagine our Through ( like packet of energy), turn into desire , then become the habit, and that produce the physical consequence.

Gita begin with selfless action, pass into way of self-knowledge and end with way of love. However, we should noted that desire is fuel of life, karma is not desire, its a selfish desire, which is “thirst.” Work Hard in the world without selfish attachment, you will purify your consciousness of self-will.

One of most important teaching of Gita :” You have the fight to work, but never the fruit of work, you should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction. Perform work in this world, as a man established within himself, without selfish attachment, and alike in success/defeat. For yoga is prefect awareness of mind.

As Gandhi say “Renounce and enjoy”. However, its easier for our to have karma attachment, which result in pleasant at first, bitter at end. We should always act entirely for sake of action, not for any personal gain. Our lives are an expression of our belief, what we been having, doing, attaining, being.

Those who are unaffected by changes, its same in pleasure / pain, are truly wise. Make yourself alike in pain/pleasure, profit / loss, victory / defeat, engage in the battle and freed from sin.

Karma can be explained as the action that determine our destiny, we reap what we sow. there are 2 path of pure heart, one is the path of spiritual wisdom, another is active path of selfless service. Through selfless action, you will be always be fruitful, and find fulfillment of your desire.

The goal of self-realization is the freeing of spirit from flotation of mind and matter. Every act / meal / sacrifice/ gift / suffering is an offering to God, to release from bondage of karma.

Our love and personal devotion is the most powerful motivation in spiritual life. The body of mine is my field, i sow good through and action, and in my body i got the results.

We can realize the self thru meditation, path of wisdom and selfless service.

There are 3 gunas (like energy) in diff action

  1. Sattiva – Pure / luminous / free from sorrow > Happiness
  2. Passion with selfish desire and attachment >action
  3. Tomas – the heedlessness, sleep, stable , which provide delusion.

There are also 3 doors to hell : Lust / Anger / Greed. We should aware demonic do things we should avoid and avoid thing we should do.

Human nature is made of faith,

Sattvic :

1. worship form of God

2. Enjoy wild /tasty / nourishing food /

3. Perfectly sacrifice for sake of sacrifice.

Rajastic :

  1. Worship  Wealth
  2. Enjoy spicy food
  3. Perform sacrifice as a show


1. Worship spirit / ghost

2. Enjoy leftover /stale food

3. Prefer sacrifice ignore the spirit / prayer and offerings.

We should also develop discipline of body / mind and word. Discipline of body can be offer services to God, good, wise, honesty and non-violence act. Discipline of mind can be calmness, gentleness, silence, self-restrict, discipline of word is speaking in truly, kindly and helpfully.

Giving is simply its right to give, without through of return, at a proper time and circumstance to a worthy person, that’s sattvic giving. If we perform giving with regrets or expectation of return, we are performing with rajastic, while if we do giving in inappropriate time / circumstances to unworthy person, without any affection or respect that’s an tamastic act.

Every time when we give up responsibility , its a tamastic act, when we avoid action from fear of difficulty / dis-comfort, its a rajastic act, when we fulfill your responsibilities, desire NOTHING for yourself, its a sattvic act.

As long as one has a body, we cant give up action altogether, so choose how to act wisely. There are 5 elements necessary for success in action

1. The body

2. The means

3. The ego

4. Perform of the act

5. Divine Will

The means and the act itself with knowledge is the totality of action, knowledge, things to be unknown and the known is to promote the action.

We work to fulfill one’s obligation, without personal reward, no matter the work is pleasant or unpleasant, its sattvic act. When we work by selfish desire, self-will, or self-dress, its a rajastic act, when we work that blindly, without any consideration, with waste of energy, that’s a tamastic act.

Sattvic Intellect : To know when to act, when to refrain, what is right / wrong action, what bring security / insecurity.

Rajastic : Confuse right / wrong action, cannot distinguish what should be done.

Tamastic : reverse right / wrong action.

Despite of action, there is also 3 types of happiness:

1. Sattva : Poison at first, taste great at end

2. Rajastic : Pleasant first, poison later

3. Tamastic : Happiness from seep, imbalance, intoxication, happiness is merely a delusion.

Overall is a great book to start with to learn about Hindu and they have some great life lesson, check it out yourself >> GITA







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