The way of the superior man by David Deida

My Beta male friend get mad after i show him this………..


One of the top rate book in the community of self-improvement, the author use various theory to describe the different between man and woman and many way as a guy to be more “man”, also introduce one of a key concept of masculine and feminine polarity.


Where there are polarity like electricity, there are flow of sexual feeling. That is completely natural.


Stop hoping then finding another half will “complete” you, a man need to have his own purpose and mission. Also live with a open heart, knowing your real edge, kiss your fear, don’t pull back or violate them. Always lean just beyond your edge, slight beyond edge of fear and discomfort.

A man purpose is always before relationship, never change your plan for a woman, go on your journey and the woman will follow.


Enjoy criticism, exact the lesson and throw away the negative.


Discover your own purpose, not seeking fulfillment thru work, woman.


Willingness to change EVERYTHING, never stuck and accept that as your “identity”.


As a man is easy to get lost in “do-mode”. Its a biggest strength and weakness for man, always be present and stay conscious.


Stop hoping your woman get easier, appreciate the test of woman to feel the man strength, integrity and openness. A strong woman love childlike part of a man but want your deepest truth, to feel your core and self-strength


Woman are not liars; a woman’s word is her true expression in the moment. However like wave it change from overtime. A superior man never base a plan on what a woman say or what she want.


Feminine part of a woman, she is easy to be with when her opening while love surrender, however she can be difficult so we have to pass the emotional test in order to open her, penetrate her closure with your fearless presence.


Don’t force your girl make decision, respect her will but offer your masculine gift of taking the lead. Be in charge and let the girl relax in her feminine. Be willing to be a killer or take action when needed, a girl want the “willingness and ability to kill” in a man then she can feel the sense of security and can reply on her man.


Attractive is inevitable when man feel female energy. If we feel uncomfortable with the attraction meaning we are uncomfortable with essence.


Appreciation of full spectrum of feminine energy : When she is happy or sad of difficult.


Always choose 1 energy with your woman, do you want her to be your 1. Business partner 2. Friend 3. Lover, as the energy is different if we want both that will cancel each other.

Masculine Priority : Mission / purpose / Direction in life, if you are more “feminine” than your girl, then she got more masculine energy and she will move forward and want space, you will become clingy and lose her.


A woman complaints is content-free, always penetrate the superficial layer and get the deepest meaning and communicate direct into her heart.


Woman don’t want to be the number 1 priority in your life (although she say so), she want you to have your own purpose / mission in life.


A superior man need to have self-responsibility, create your own life, know where you are? Where you want to be? And what you need to go there.


Overall i love this book which bring a new perspective to viewing man and woman in a spiritually level, a girl might object some of the point “logically” but i believe she will feel right when a guy doing what a man should be doing.


In addition to the self-responsibility, in “six pillar of self-esteem” (my previous post) , the author mention” No one is coming “ to illustrate that you should handle your own shit, to make it further i want to input in addition to “no one is coming “ , there should be “someone is there “, whatever lifestyle you want to have, type of person you want to be, whatever materialistic / spiritually procession you want to have, someone is having / living / being already in this very second. Stop waiting for the magic pill or that “special moment”, take right action and get whatever you want as your purpose

Be the man on your own path today >>>> 9781591792574

More from David Deida : David Deida


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