The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle

Your Biggest secret to lift more weight, have better relationship and crushing in the CLUB!


First “spiritual” books i ever read, to be honest a little bit resistance to start with it as i consider myself as quite a logical person ( hell yeah Engineer ). However i give it a shot and i do recommend this book to all my friends who trying to look for “Happiness” or “life purpose”.
Below are some notes and through i have for the book:
You are not your mind – we constantly have mental noise – imaginary scene, drama, mental noise – Find the “off ” button and find your real-self when you find no-mind >> that is the self-ness state
How to be total present: – Fullest attention / focus on every little step / movement you made even on every breathe you take – like we focus on breathing when we doing meditation – Your brain is a tool, put it down when you finish using it
Ego / Self-image is your false self. Its not you, its just a imaginary identity you create yourself when you are unconscious and not present at the moment.
Emotion is the body reaction to our through, if you want to know your mind, see how body reflects. Make a habit to yourself that try to know what is going on inside our body at this moment.
When we crave for fulfillment / external validation, we are losing out joy and being.
Our Mind continuous using past / future to cover “present”. Ego bring us in-secure / vulnerable becos ego fear of his own death. Ego will suggest us “Hey man lets search for wholeness” and create this bottomless hole to be filled.
However what is meaning of no past / future ?? Think in this way – Past Happen in NOW // NOW // Future happen in form of now . Past / Future is just a moonlight but NOW is the sun, the source of all happening.
How can we enter “NOW” ?
1. Step out of time dimension
2. Observe the tendency of our mind
3. Realize good / bad future is just an illusion.
4. Don’t judge / analyze what you “observe” in your mind
5. Watch > Feel > Observe
Lesson for the past ? Applied NOW planning for the future ?? Take action NOW
There are no problem in your life, just life situation. We can either deal with it now or left alone. Give attention to the action, don’t concern the result we cannot control. Do it “free of time ” by
1. Free of psychological need
2. Free of EGO
3. Fulfillment of the future.
and Freedom of unhappiness
1. Stop doing what you doing
2. Speak to the person and express ( if relationship related)
3. Drop the negativity and let-go
In a bad situation, any action is better than NO ACTION. When we are waiting, we want the future and skip the present. Don’t use “time” as a solution and forget about being present at the moment. Negative is our greatest teacher, it bring us depth, humanity and compassion. The best way to deal with negative is acceptance. There is a saying ” Accept whatever comes to you in pattern of your destiny, for what could more take more action to fit your need. When we are in watcher mode, ego will come in. Take growth as an example, growth is positive, however we cant keep on growing as that is Unsustainable and UN-natural.We need dissolution in order to provide room for new growth.
Life is a journey consist of 1 Millions step, however our inner journey is just 1 step NOW, focus on the 1 step and enjoy the action taken.
Power of “NOW” in relationship Did Relationship compete you ?? if yes meaning you project a imaginary fulfillment and hope to be competed by an external validation. Sexual Union is a physical level of state, when we are alone we feel sense of lack and incompleteness. However when we build our circle through other half, we are putting the center of the world in other person. Thur we getting addicted and want more from other half – then create jealousy / neediness/drama .However all addiction start /end with pain like food / drugs/ alcohol.
What could we have a great relationship ? Complete acceptance of other half, the relationship should be a degree of intensity in love, stronger intensity to the love one and general love to others. Be like sunshine. by being present we could hear / give attention /space to other half.
Whatever make you happy now ( beauty / physical / possession / relationship) will make you unhappy when they absent. When negative arise , that’s just a signal of wake up, get out of your mind and be sent. Idea of “surrender ” : Acceptance life situation. when we accept non-peace, non-peace become peace, don’t seek outside to bring us peace
However Surrender is not equal to give up, we just moving along to the flow of life. surrender is in inner level, in outer level we still want to take action and go the the direction we want to go. What if we are in a situation we fail to surround ? Take massive action , do something to bring a change. By doing in a way of “non-resistance” and “non-reactive”. If we keep feeling story and tell others your little sad story, all its do is stuck in our suffering. Full attention bring full acceptance and surrender. Our Mind is conditioned to re-create what is knows and familiar. Any unknown is classified as dangerous. By being present and self-aware we can go away from the pain cycle we constantly create by ourselves.
Check out the Power of NOW !!!                                   9780340733509
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